Sunday, January 17, 2010

Gwen Marston - Part II

Looking for a change in your quilt making?

For ideas and inspiration for your own work and not just another published pattern?

(Click on photos to enlarge them.)

A workshop with Gwen Marston is an excellent solution. Gwen’s method of free-form Log Cabin is very flexible and allows innovation and light-bulb moments.

In the previous post, we took a peek at just a few of the fabric stashes that were hauled in for Gwen's workshop.

(stash #4)

Every color of the rainbow and then some were on hand for consideration, plus lively prints of every conceivable theme.

(stash #5)

Now to review the participants and their works in progress. See if you can match the stashes to the creator's final product.

(Debbie Kosman)

A flannel wall to enable you to step back and “preview” fabric choices has become a prerequisite for many quilters today. On the wall behind Claire Calechu, you can see the first stages of Candy Midkiff and Laurie Latta's project.

On the left Candy is taking advantage of a larger cutting area. Below Candy is seated at the center. You can see the work of Anne Dawson, Candy and Laurie have further evolved on the far wall in the photo below.

Here is a closer shot of Candy's work in its advanced stage. Click on the photo to see the owl at the center of each block.

In quilting, the fabric often carries many stories. Be sure to ask Candy about the story behind her owl fabric.

Click on the photo to the right to enlarge so that you can take a better look at Anne's fabrics. Next she uses the "preview" wall to decide placement.

Laurie Latta's Caribbean color scheme sparkles! Notiice how much she has advanced compared to the wall behind Claire above.

Gwen works her way around the room taking a peak at works in progress and answering questions. Notice Barb Carver and Carolyn Baldwin visiting Laurie's corner. We'll see their work in a few more photos.

Choices, choices! Quilting teaches decision-making. You can't be afraid of making choices when you are a quilter!

No quilt event is complete without the requisite chocolate.

Much more to come so stay tuned!

Your Roving Reporter

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