Friday, June 21, 2013

Sheila Bishop Shares Applique Techniques & Tips

May 14, 2013 EQ Meeting at Woodman Hall

L-R above: Becky Huffington, Carol Whetten, Becki Maxson 
and our speaker (and new member), Shiela Bishop.

Sheila first shares the story behind each of her beautifully appliqued quilts.

Then she begins to share tips with us.

Don't the colors just make you drool!

  The design possibilities are endless!

 Let the Show & Tell Begin!

A new quilter gets to share her first quilt with us!

Nancy Ewert, one of our newest members, shares the quilt she began when she took the Beginners Class that EQ underwrote at the Lopez Library a little over a year ago.

Beautiful work, Nancy!

Deborah shows the quilt she just finished for the new Lopez Comfort Quilt Project.

Get ready for an ingeniously designed "improv" quilt.

Beautifully dressed in red with polks dots to go with her gorgeous quilt!

Becky shares the 1,000th top she has put together for charity. Okay. Okay. I don't know if it really is really her 1,000th quilt, but it's got to be mighty close. this woman is unbelievably productive.

This month's Block-of-the Month set (below) was won by Peggy Schuld.
Next month will be a 4-patch variation in teals and aqua.

In the beginning we saw Sheila Bishop's applique quilts. 
Now we get a look at her pieced quilts!

Carolyn wanted to get out of my way with her iPad as camera but I insisted she stay in the picture because Ii could see that I was going to be able to catch a double image of Sheila's quilt!.

 (above) Only quilters know what lengths we will go to show and share! 

L-R: Colleen (in foreground), Nancy Givens (brown sweater), Darlene Demetick talking with Christy Sturgill,

Darlene is another one of our prolific quilters who also sends quilts off to missions.

Again, Carolyn assits me with a double image! Cool!

Darlene has done a whole series of stain-galss window quilts for her church. 
This is just the latest one.

A more appreciative audience you'll never experience. Cheryl Bailey,
Deborah Bundy, Nancy Ewert,  Laurie Latta, and Nancy Butte. 

Carolyn Woodbury is thrilled to have her daughter's T-shirt quilt done.

Vivian Burt shares her latest beauty. I think (correct me I am wrong, ladies) but this may have been made from blocks she won. Shirley Wilber is assisting her.

Now we see Shirley's brilliant "Nasturtium" creation.  
Just what anyone would love to have to brighten up a cloudy dreary Lopez winter day!

Don't you like how these ladies complement the next quilt!

Edi Blomberg's latest creation. 
Wait until next month when you see what she did with the scraps!

So what do you think, ladies? You coming back next month?!

Oh, YES! You better believe we will!

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