Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Field Trip to Camino Island Quilt Guild Show

Catching Up on Past Activities

March 2011

Have you ever known this group NOT to have fun when they get together!

Front Row l-r: Annie, Karen, Peggy, Carol, Nancy
  Back Row: Edi, Barbara, Darlene, Colleen, Laurie, Christy

A Signature Quilt to document Camano Island Quilters' 25th Anniversary! Yes! 
This type of quilt is so much fun to research!  Check out the national Signature Quilt Pilot Project at the Quilt Index website here.  The Quilt Index is a division of the Alliance for American Quilts

Also check out the Quilt Index's updated quilt ephemera collection project here.  They have added hundreds of new pieces of ephemera -- photographs, booklets, fabric swatches, catalogs, the journal Uncoverings, and much more.

25th Anniversary Block for Camano Island Quilters.

The Camino Island quilters have a very active chapter of American Hero Quilters.
When future quilt historians review the first quarter of the  21st century, they will have thousands of patriotic quilts to document due to several different projects that were begun in the first 10 years of this century.

Quilts with eagles on them have always been highly collectible items. Check out my friend and quilt historian Kim Wulfert's research here.

Botanical quilts have been even more popular than eagle quilts over the course of American history. Check out a recent historic exhibit that the Charleston Museum of South Carolina held Nov 2011-April 2012 by clicking here.

Crows seem to be popular in small quilts the past several years. Maybe it's because they create great contrast.

A layered beach scene - very effective.

Made and quilted by Karen Lowry.

Made by Betty Mantik, quilted by Krista Moser.
Pattern "Quilts in Bloom" by Mary Ross and Barbara Schen

"Thread Painting" by Judy Irish

Love the combination of colors and prints in the next quilt!

"Civil War Sunse"t made by Jo Bond

One of the quilt history on-line discussion lists has been talking about circle patterns, lately, and all their many variations in the 19th and early 20th century. Here is a contemporary circle pattern that is made stunning by the choice and placement of color.

"Grid of Circles" made by Opal Cocke

Here are a couple of rather elaborate antique examples of circles from my friend Julie Silber who carries fabulous antique quilts in her on-line shop The Quilt complex.

Ah, shopping! A little shopping never hurt anybody, right? Guild members are so generous. They donate their UFOs (Unfinished Objects) and scraps (and sometimes even large pieces of quilting fabric!) to their annual quilt shows. If you're a quilter that doesn't have to work with the very latest fabric, these "sales" are a great place to find fabric.  And it's so much fun digging thru the boxes. You just never know what you might find!

"Ode to Picasso" by Jo Hadlach.  The border message states: Don't Drink & Draw

Notice the smaller image of the same art hanging on the wall.

Lovely items from a women's co-op in Africa.

"Vintage Valentine" by Dorothy Bourgeois

"Clowning Around" by Nita Heapy

"Clowning Around" detail

"Clowning Around" detail

Now it's time to head for lunch. On the way we encounter a colorful piece 
of graphic art that could inspire it's own quilt!

We all smile when we see the name of Annie's husband
on the restaurant we are about to enter.

One last quilt shop stop will round out our day before we head home.

Barb's colorful outfit is a reflection of the gorgeous lively 
quilts that she produces at a prodigious rate.

Ah, one last Black Bird.

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