Wednesday, May 11, 2011

First Round Robins Revealed

Wow! What an abundace of quilts we saw at the May meeting!

With our Fearless Leader off celebrating her 80th birthday with her family, Co-Vice President Barbara Carver ably led the day and kept things moving.

The excitement generated by of the unveiling of the group's first series of Round Robin Quilts set the pace for the morning.

But let's start with the group shop we managed to take thanks to the deck on Woodman Hall that made it possible to catch the whole group....with the help of a few well placed chairs.

See that hand floating above everyone's head on the left? It is a hand without a face.

Can't let Candy get away with this so we managed to catch her between shots. You can see the source of the hand in the background between the two ladies (Joan Thomas and Elyse Ortega) in blue in the next shot .

Now, on with the show!

Above: Joanne Bryant, Anne Dawson, Laurie Latta and Candy Mitkiff gather around the top they jointly made for Laurie Latta. Laurie made the center medalion that included the boats.

Joanne Bryant made the first border that includes two mermaids bottom center of that first border. Candy Mitkiff made the next double border that includes a lot of muted red and Anne Dawson made the final border that includes more sail boats.

The quilt top to the right but hidden by the quilters is Joanne's quilt top. I'll have to get a better photo so that we can give this quilt top its due. It is beautiful!

Anne Dawson's quilt has little sayings on it. I need more detailed photos of this quilt!

Candy Mitkiff chose to use the recent V& A commemorative panel as the starting point of the medallion quilt top.

Above is the book cover of the spectacular quit exhibit the Victoria & Albert Museum presented in 2010 that the commemorative panel at the center of Candy's quilt is based upon. The book is very exciting reading and shows great very early examples of the type of quilt that Candy asked the Round Robin to help her make....a tradition British Medallion quilt.

Edi Blomberg

Edi has been creating a lot of small quilts in the past year and has successfully sold several at the Farmer's Market and at the new craft shop in the village. Below are several of her latest experiments.

Elyse Ortega

Elyse took a very tradition scrab quilt pattern and appliqued a large floral motif in the right hand corner of the quilt. This is a spectacular combination lending it a very unique contemporary folkart look to her quilt!

Nancy Givens

Nancy used the fabric you see on the back of her quilt in each of the blocks on the front....only the fabric is stacked 6 layers deep and then cut at a 60 degree to create a sense of whirling movement. Her inspiration came fromthe book Double Dippity: More Serendepity.

Cheryl Clark

Joan Thomas

Carolyn Woodbury

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