Wednesday, May 16, 2012

2011 Oct & Nov Show and Tell

EQ members, as you read this post. please identify your quilt or quilt top and email me. Thanks. Your EQ Roving Reporter

Program for the October 2012 Meeting

Anne Dawson and Patty Ward presented the first "Discerning Quilt Eye" program in which we were divided into four groups and assigned one of the quilts you see hanging in the background of the first photo below.

Our assignment was to analyze our assigned quilt in the light of color, value, balance and  scale. It was an eye opening experience for many and helped set the tone for looking at our Show & Tell quilts with even greater appreciation.

Laurie Latta

L-R back row: Ann Nash,       , Patty Ward, Anne Dawson, Kathy Montgomery,  Candy Midkiff. Front row L-R: Carolyn Woodbury, Colleen Thomas, and Deborah Bundy.

Peggy Schultz

Nancy Givens

Ann Nash,           , Patty Ward and Anne Dawson

Darlene Demetrick with two of her quilts.

Christy Sturgill above with Fall table runner

Laurie Latta with her Moody Blues which appeared 
in one of Mary Lou Weidman's books

Joanne Bryant above and below

Becky Huffington's always busy hands working on charity quilts.

November 2001 Show & Tell

 Peggy Schuld

Darlene Demetrick shares her table runner.

Norma Peale shares a new "birth announcement" baby quilt.

Edi Blomberg shares her latest table runners.

 Below, Laurie Latta brings us up to date on December plans.

Can someone refresh my memory about this quilt below? I'd love to add a caption.

Below Anne Dawson shows some quilts and other items she has recently completed and/or is going to use as an example in a future class.

Anne Dawson holding a copy of Jean Wells' book and sharing information about Jean Well's up-coming class

Left to right standing: Anne Dawson, Becki Maxson (new member). Margit Cerfoy (new member), Edi Blomberg. Seated L-R: Candy Mitkiff and Laurie Latta.

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