Sunday, December 14, 2014

March & April 2013 EQ Show & Tell

Three table runners by Edi Blomberg and a Vase of Triangles.

Anne Dawson's Lazy Triangles

Two quilt tops by Becky Huffington

Candy's "Shrimp"

Below - two quilts by Darlene Demetick

"Flying Geese"


Nancy given's Disappearing Nine-Patch.

Quilt to honor Laurie Latta's friend Carol when she passed. 

The quilt blocks were signed at the memorial service.
Laurie then stitched them all into a quilt and gave the quilt to the family in honor of Carol. 

Laurie Latta made 6 quilts, one for each of the grandchildren of her friend Carole who had recently died. Each quilt was created around what each grandchild said he/she would remember about his/her Grandmother ...…Laurie used a lot of Carole's fabrics in creating the six quilts.

Below - Nancy Butte's quilt

Nancy Wynen's - Dutch Tiles

Peggu Schuld's Vase of Flowers

Whose quilt is this?

More quilts from the prolifitc Edi Blomberg!

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