Friday, January 17, 2014

2014 January 14 Show & Tell

January brought us two new Book Reports and some delightful and wonderful quilts! Photos by Jodie Snapp and Edi Blomberg. Thank you!

A Warm Statement in Black, White & Red

by Norma Peale

The Prolific Barbara Gonce!

Front and back of Barbara Gonce's Double Irish Chain

by Barbara Gonce

by Barbara Gonce

The First Book Report

Nancy Wilson shares the variations of the block she has been playing with after selecting a book from the EQ library for her Book Report.

Traditional Patterns with a very Untraditional Setting!

by Peggy Schuld from a class taught by Dawn Lease, when Dawn still owned the Enchanted Quilter, the island's quilt shop at the time.

Don't miss the bait!

Hope you can see what is dangling from some of the hooks!

 by Peggy Schuld

A Strippy Challenge

by Barbara Gonce

A very modernistic looking doll quilt!

Karen Alexander shares a recent small quilt she found. She believes it was made from two older quilts. Doesn't know if was meant to be a doll quilt or a baby quilt. The one side is decidedly "modern" in its look and made from double knits.

A most unusual Sunbonnet Sue quilt to say the least!

The other side of this same small quilt consists of three Sunbonnet Sue blocks, three Puppy blocks, and two Arrow blocks. Oh yes, and an imperial Cat. The sashing was made by sewing 4 " wide strips end to end and then machine stitched to the quilt. The fabrics in the sashing have nothing to do with the fabrics on the front or the back of this quilt. A labor of love by someone but not made by a skilled needleworker. In Karen's opinion, that is what makes this piece so interesting. The "best quilts" by a "skilled" needleworker usually get saved by the family or collected by collectors. Karen feels a strong need to save and collect the not so skillfully made quilts to honor the levels of skill as well as the love and intent within the this wonderful world of quilt-making. 

Finishing a quilt is such joy!

Edi Blomberg shares the process by which she created her colorful Medallion quilt which she began in a Gwen Marston class almost a year ago.

Bargello anyone? 

It's amazing what you can do with color in this pattern!

Joanne Bryant walks us through the process of putting a Bargello quilt together.

The second Book Report

To read Karen Alexander's in depth Book Report on Linda Eaton's book "Quilts in a Material World", visit Karen's personal blog Quilt History Reports by clicking here.

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